Stanwood Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Stanwood Kinetic Wind Sculpture
Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture, Dual Spinner Spinning Ficus Leaves

This is a beautiful piece of moving art and great decorative addition to your back yard.

It is entertaining and peaceful to just sit and see it move in the breeze.


The entire Kinetic Wind Sculpture is made of pure copper with brass hardware. The pole is made of heavy gauge copper and secured into the ground by an all copper 4-point anchoring system. With its heavy duty construction and rotating head, this Kinetic Wind Spinner can withstand hard winds up to 70 mph.

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture is well designed, precision engineered, balanced to perfection and spins effortlessly in the lightest breeze. The sculpture is a beautiful piece and definitely an eye catcher.

Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Dual Spinner Video

Graceful Moving

The blade shaped willow leaves are fixed so the dual spinners will spin in opposite directions when caught in the wind. It moves gracefully and the leaves make the most gorgeous designs while they spin. The sculpture spins in a breeze you can’t even feel. With a stiff wind the sculpture spins and flashes without any noise, vibration, or harshness. The sculpture looks stunning when the sunshine hits it.


The wind sculpture is very easy to put together and install in the garden. The mounting system that comes with this is more than adequate if you follow the directions. If wind spinner gets a big gust of wind, the sculpture self stabilizes as it becomes gyroscopic.

It is very easy to install and once you did, you will not stop looking at it.

Made to last for decades

The copper leaves are not coated and will age by nature. To preserve sculptureā€™s original copper shine, you can spray a layer of clear coat on it (Rust-Oleum and Permalac). If you call the company they will give you instructions.

The craftsmanship on the spinner is impeccable. The wheels are nicely balanced and maintenance free. Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture is fully weather proof and designed to last for decades.

Customer Service

The company has great customer service and representatives respond quickly to your questions. They offer replacement parts if you have any issues.

Quality for the Price

Stanwood Kinetic Wind Sculpture gracefully moves on days where you can’t see a leaf on the trees moving. The Garden Spinner is both entertaining and soothing! It’s hard to take your eyes of the sculpture. This is high quality product and a good example that you get what you pay for. It will have a prominent place in our yard and you will enjoy watching it.

Wind Sculptures – Hypnartic Artwork – Video



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